Take a look at some of my wedding films. I have two different styles when it comes to the edit: Cinematic or Modern.




Mini Films

Cinematic vs Modern, what’s the difference?

Firstly, there is no difference in how I shoot on the wedding day; it’s all in the edit. I really enjoy working in both styles, so it’s your choice which one you would prefer.

The main difference between the two styles is the structure of the film.

Cinematic is built around live dialogue from the wedding. Here, before I start the edit, I send over the full speeches for the couple to select parts they would like me to try and include in the film. This mostly comes from the speeches but also vows, readings, letters being read aloud, cards etc.

Modern, meanwhile, is a chronological film of the day. It documents the moments in the order that they happened. Modern does also feature parts of the speeches and vows but they are not woven throughout the film; they appear in the timeline of the film in the order they took place on the day.

As for music, Cinematic tends to feature some instrumental music, so lyrics and singing don’t distract the dialogue from the wedding. Tracks with lyrics and singing tend to work better with the Modern style.

I always ask the couple to pick songs that mean something to them. However I also have Spotify playlists of songs, for each style, that I personally think work well with wedding videos.